Paraphrase detection is a challenging NLP task since it requires both thorough syntactic and thorough semantic analysis to identify whether two phrases have the same intent. A few months ago, paraphrase identification became an objective of one of the most popular Kaggle competitions, Quora Question Pairs. In this talk, Yuriy Guts and Andriy Gryshchuk, silver medalists of the competition, will share their arsenal of statistical, linguistic, and Deep Learning approaches that helped them succeed in this challenge.


For more than 20 years, Andriy built enterprise software for banking and telecom sectors. Three years ago, he moved to the machine learning field and eventually joined Grammarly to conduct cutting-edge research in natural language and generally making the world a better place. Andriy is an experienced kaggler—he has participated in 18 competitions and earned 9 silver medals  (https://www.kaggle.com/anmiko).